Finding Quilting Tools

In my last post, I wrote about my new craze - Quilting. I should say that I cannot even call myself a beginner, because I have not even stitched even a single stitch for making a quilt. On the other hand, I have read umpteen blogs related to quilting, even a fiction based on quilting and have developed some sort of interest in quilting.

My knowledge of quilting is mostly restricted to all those pictures I saw on pinterest, blogs etc.But I now own a huge self healing cutting mat, rotary cutter, a big acrylic quilter's rulers etc. The cotton batting, walking foot for my sewing machine, fabric pencil and small cutting mat is on its way to my place. Ha..isn't that funny?But then I realized that you cannot start a quilt without some basic resources which are these things.

I will post pictures of my quilting resources in the days to come, probably when all my supplies have reached me safely.

Now getting quilting resources in India especially in Bangalore seems to be a tough task. I think you can manage the fabric part from Chickpet in Bangalore.  But then reaching Chickpet and finding a place where you get the kind of fabric you want may be a challenge. I have never been to Chickpet except for getting my wedding invitation, so I cannot comment on that aspect.Commercial Street is another place where I got quite a lot of sewing supplies including threads, buttons, elastics etc. I heard of another place called Okalipuram in Chickpet for good fabrics, but I don't know much about that place either... ( I know it is rather shameful that I don't know about all these places considering that I am living in Bangalore for the past 8 years).

Finding quilting tools is another challenge in itself and these are the places where I found the basic stuff. There is a store called 'The Square Inch' in Chennai which has quite a lot of quilting and sewing tools. They also have quilting classes and an online store run on facebook through which you can get your items shipped to anywhere in India. The only drawback of this facebook shop is that you may miss few items available if you are not looking carefully through the pictures. But then you can always mail them and inquire about items that you want. (the.square.inch AT gmail DOT com).

The address:
The Square Inch
A-12, F-1 M.G.S. Villa,
 2nd Main Road,
 Thiruvalluvar Nagar,
Tamil Nadu 600041

Another place where I could find useful quilting tools was the 'The Pony Craft Store'. They have other sewing, embroidery, knitting and crocheting tools that you may find difficult to find in usual stores. I got my cutting mat, rotary cutter and acrylic ruler from this place. Their service was prompt though I had some trouble in getting in delivered by courier. (Blame myself and courier guys for the delay).

Once I realized that my cutting mat is too big to carry to my native, I decided to get a A4 size one for the time being. I got that from an online shop called stationeryworld on ebay. So finally I had some of the most basic quilting tools. Wish me luck my friends !!!

Now onto some pictures....

 The above pic shows my 900mmx600mm cutting mat, A4 size cutting mat, 60cmx15cm acrylic ruler, 45 mm rotary cutter, white fabric pencil and of course the walking foot for my singer sewing machine.

 This pic is another view of the same items.  I got 9 mts of the cotton batting from the 'The Square Inch' shop along with the walking foot and the fabric pencil. To be frank, I was little surprised to find that the cotton batting is actually quite thicker than what I expected to be.

  I had forgotten about this book that I got from a bookshop around 6 months back. I just found it today morning when I was looking for something else. I did see some step by step pictures to go with the instructions in this book. I will let you know more about this book later.

 A close up look at my walking foot. I just hope that this works with my Singer Talent 3321 machine. There is no way to see it right now as my machine is already in my parents' place from last month.


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