Corporate Team Outing: Guhantara Resort, Bangalore - Review

My team believes in celebrating our little milestones and taking a break after a long stint of  hard work. And a team outing to an affordable resort is what happens finally after several rounds of discussion. Since we use award money for the team outings, we are always on a budget and we zeroed on Guhantara Resorts some time around January 2016. So here are some of the pics from the team outing.

This is the amphitheatre inside Guhantara and it is the center of all activities. There is a small pool down below and food is also served here. The rain dance happens in the center where you can see the people gathered. Visitors can walk through a long and winding cave to reach here giving a fun experience to it.

This is one side of the amphitheater where food is served.This is where the drinks are served.

This is the beautiful flower arrangement done in the amphitheatre to welcome guests.This  Below is a brief notice board that they have displayed in the amphitheater.

There were several swimming pools in Guhantara and I don't know the actual count. Since it was vacation time, these pools were full of people and we decided to stay away from all of them.

 The main activities you can indulge in are:
  1. Cricket
  2. Basketball (half court)
  3. Badmindton
  4. Volleyball
  5. Kite flying
  6. Carroms
  7. Dart throwing
  8. Foosball
  9. Fish Spa
  10. Swimming
  11. Rain Dance
Overall I didn't enjoy the place because of the large crowd and lack of enough space to accommodate all. This place is best avoided during vacation as families often comes here during summer holidays.


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