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Bread and Butter Pudding

When you grow older, you realize that much of your memories are associated with food items from your younger days - things your mother prepared for occasions, the kind of preparation for different food items, the kind of food that you make frequently at home in your childhood. All those are vivid memories for me despite the years I have been away from my parents' place.

When I came across this recipe by The Take It Easy Chef for the bread & butter pudding, I was instantly reminded of my mom's bread appam. This was an item she used to make when the bread was reaching its expiry or when she is not very sure if they are eatable without being cooked. Then it is also tough to satiate the hunger of a brood of 5 kids especially during the evening snack time.

I usually don't do much experiementation when I am trying out a recipe. I try to follow it to the dot and I was very much satisfied with the result. Probably I will add a bit more sugar next time.

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