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33 Days of Morning Glory

This Monday, on November 5th of 2018, I have started my first attempt at doing the 33 day consecration to Mother Mary. I have been a dormant devotee of our Holy Mother, whose devotion wakes up in moments of crisis, reach out to the Mother for her help and then proceed to live my life ignoring her till the next crisis strikes.

I know it is a pretty bad scenario. I have been trying to push myself for several years to change that, but my own laziness has always stopped me from taking any concrete steps towards it.

But thanks to Kristin of One Hail Mary at a Time, I have found my way back to my divine Mother. One day when I was reading something on Kristin's instagram page, there was a thread in my mind about my own work woes. Just then I decided that this 33-day consecration might be the right thing to do in my life now. So I just signed up for it. Actually I signed up for it twice because I was not sure if the first time worked :)

Today is Day 3 and I feel much better. Though my t…

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