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The white embroidered saree blouse

When I wrote my last post related to the blue saree and the white embroidered saree blouse, I did have some idea that the photo is going to have some impact across social media. But I was not sure how much will it affect. My pinterest literally exploded with high values of reach and pins compared to anything else that I have posted on this blog or any other blog. The instagram pic has the highest impressions ever!

Anyway I also realized that I have never posted a clear image of the blouse which was always my intend. Post a decent picture of the blouse and promote it over social media, get my blogs some attention and indirectly encouraging me to blog more. But such things always remain in plan and never work out. I rarely take out the DSLR for taking photos, and rarely force myself to sit down and create a blog post. Somewhere the interest has come down a lot.

But here is a decent picture of the blouse sans me. This blouse was made by Veena I met on instagram. She is the one that you …

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