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An embroidered blouse and the story of a blue saree

This sky blue saree has a funny story associated with it. Much before we were married, the husband and myself to MG Road for some bank work. While walking down the MG Road, I remember looking at a saree displayed in-front of a textile shop and commenting how lovely it was. I think it was a saree of a royal blue color.

We continued our business and then TH surprised me few days later by giving a packet. It contained this blue saree and I was totally confused. Well, he had got me the wrong blue saree! It was an awkward moment for both of us and finally I kept the saree. When I wore this saree yesterday for sunday mass, I jokingly asked him if he remembered this one.

The original blouse will no longer fit me without alteration and I am more interested in contrast blouses these days. So this white blouse with this beautiful embroidery seemed a good match. I think I loved this saree much more like this...and I am going to wear it like this from now on...

At this point, I am just collectin…

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