Smocked Dresses

My mother is a big fan of smocking and she never lets go of any chance to smock for baby dresses. She has made smocking dresses for myself as well as my baby Cee. Below are two dresses of Cee from Vimalayalam, which is a social service centre in Cochin, Kerala. The blue one is actually a hand down from my sister's daughter. But it is good as new.

Here is a closeup of the neck where the smocking is done.Can you see that different colors - pink and blue threads used for smoking and of course those french knot roses? 

This yellow dress is for size 2 years, when Cee she grows up. I am just waiting for the day she will be finally be big enough to adorn this dress. 

This dress also comes from the same place, but slightly bigger in size. If you are wondering about the cost, each dress will cost you less than Rs 500 INR , ie approx US $10.

And here is something which my mother stitched for my baby girl. This is a very simple design and can be done with very little effort.

I have seen my mother do the smocking many a time, but never had the patience to learn that. I am sure that I will regret that one day.


  1. I did not know your mother could do smocking! I wish I could learn to do that!

    1. It is not very hard..but then perfection needs lots of practice. And I don't know how easy it is to find the pleater machine to put pleats. As long as you are ready to make your pleats, this art can be mastered...


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