Birthday Gift - Off White Hakoba Dress

Remember the birthday dress which was a gift from  friends. Here is the picture of the off-white Hakoba dress that they gifted to my daughter for her first birthday.

I loved that cute satin flower and those bows on the shoulder strap. Isn't the dress very cute? This dress is slightly bigger for my daughter. I will update her picture whenever she is big enough to wear it.

I love such simple patterns rather than those glossy frills-and-twirls dresses which lack elegance most of the time. Probably this is a dress pattern that I will try to make whenever I buy a sewing machine. And please don't ask me when... I got TH an expensive running shoes for his birthday last week and there went our budget for sewing machine...But I don't regret it because the surprise on his face was worth all that :D.

PS: I am just so grateful to Almighty for giving me a baby girl. Baby boys are so boring to be dressed up. Do you agree?


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