First Birthday

We celebrated Cee's first birthday in the second week of February. It was a very simple function with my family and TH's family. Here is the picture of the birthday cake.

 And here is my Cee's birthday. This dress is a gift from my friend and she saved me from buying a new dress. It is not that I didn't want to buy a new dress , but Cee already has umpteen new dresses in the cupboard which she received as gifts for her baptism.

And this cutie came one week after the birthday...And this is much much bigger than Cee !!!


And this was another surprise gift for her. A Cooking set with plastic utensils. I was little apprehensive about opening this as this was recommended for 3+ years, but I was happy to find that there are no choking parts in the set. My girl liked it very much, but I think she is way too young to appreciate and play with it...But then one day soon....

And this is Cee trying to play with the cooking set. Did you like her minimal dressing? That whole clothing will comes under Rs 50 :) and it helps a lot when it is a really warm day. 

PS: I hope I don't look like a big show-off.But then I shouldn't worry considering that this is my blog...Right???


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