Blogosphere full of Writing Contest Entries

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One of the first things I do after starting my laptop or office desktop is to launch Firefox and access Google Reader. And then starts my intermittent browsing through all the unread items, marking them to Pocket to read it later on my Galaxy Tab and then marking up as read for all those items which I don't think it is worth reading..

And do you know what I find these days when I login to Google Reader and start reading..Entries to blog writing contest entries...and most of those blog posts just sucks big time !!! Some are so senseless that you just wonder what these people were thinking when they wrote those posts.

Do you know what is the feeling when you reach two sentences into a blog-post and start thinking that something is amiss..and then you scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the post script. "This post was written as a part of "XYZ Contest" by "xxxxx" website.

And I am not even talking about the part where the winners of such contests were asked to pay up some money as taxes and all to get there gifts. My knowledge in this regard is very little, so I am not commenting further on that...

So all in all my criteria for unsubscribing to RSS Feeds or unjoining from Google Friend Connect of that blog is based on the number of contest entries that the blogger has posted.

Now question to my readers or rather to my future readers - Do you feel the same annoyance when you see all those contest entries?


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