Good News!!!

Flower dream
Flower dream (Photo credit: @Doug88888)
Before you all start letting those thoughts run wild as to what the good news is, let me put a disclaimer. I am not pregnant :P he he :)

But someone close to me, someone whom I see on all office days, someone who is always there in my thoughts, someone who has been yearning for a baby for years is pregnant. And that too in the natural way, quite unexpectedly. It is all God's grace. And only His Grace.

I have no count of the number of treatments, and doctor consultations this couple has done over the past few years. And how much their hearts were torn when they finally decided to use artificial methods to conceive and even that did not work out. And God just decided to let them know that He is still in control and He is still there for them :) And hats off to the couple who were devoted in their Catholic devotions even when there were little hope in the family way.

And now I am feel tensed about the baby...Not sure if I worried so much about my baby..But those days looks so far behind.


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