Look What I Got Few Weeks Back

Finally I managed to convince my husband to spend some money acquiring this beauty for me. That too with a promise that I will put it to the best use considering the cost. I paid around 10865 INR to the Singer Outlet in Cosmos Mall, Kundanahalli, Bangalore to get this one two weeks back.  The service guy came home and gave me a demo on the features.

So my initial impression after using it for a few days is very good. I did the 4-step button hole, the fixing of button, picot stitch for dupatta ends, straight stitches for altering my salwar kurtas, altering some dresses for my daughter etc. I am yet to explore the stretch stitches and also the zipper footer. 

You can see a lot of photos and posts of my experiments coming up here...

PS: And a big sorry for the lousy picture.. I promise to upload a better picture whenever I connect my DSLR to my laptop. 


  1. I had bought something similar (after pushing my hubby a lot) but when I failed to use it frequently he gave it away to my SIL :'-(


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