Anchor Stitch Kits

Anchor has an awesome collection of  long stitch kits which is one of the easiest crafts that can be done by anyone - children to old people as long as your eyesight is pretty ok.

Basically this kit comes with a mesh with a picture drawn on it along with needle and the required threads to finish the pattern. Can you see the threads in the small rectangular box on the top left? The right hand side shows how the completed work would look like.

Here is the link to find a finished product by Kurinji.

What I love about these stitch kits is the different categories in which they are available based on the size and complexity. I cannot see myself stitching a big kit, but I can always attempt to finish smaller ones like shown below.

And I should say that a double frame will make these stitching an awesome wall decoration. Though I got this from Commercial Street in Bangalore, it would be available in many other shops. The other place where I found these stitch kits were The Landmark in the Forum Mall, Bangalore.

I have started working on the house one. I will update you all with another post.


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