Anchor Stitch Kit - A Detailed Look

In my previous post, I had written about writing a detailed post about Anchor Stitch Kit. So here is it.

Anchor Stitch Kits basically comes in different sizes and you can choose your kit based on your interest. Remember the complexity usually increases with size. Since this was my first attempt at stitch kits ( Actually it is my second attempt. I had completed 20% of a bigger one before abandoning it almost 5 years ago) , I decided to pick the smallest size (14cm x 16 cm). And I am very eager to complete it and find it adorning my bedroom wall as soon as possible; of course in a double frame :)

I don't have a picture of the set as I got it from the store. So let us get into the things that are there inside the kit. The most important is the mesh on which the design has been drawn in a light orange color.

I had started stitching before taking a picture of the mesh. But you can pretty much see the whole of the figure on the mesh.

Then there is the tapestry needle that is used to put long stitches. Only long stitches are used for the entire design. The needle hole is pretty big so that almost everyone can thread them easily. The design is created by using skeins made of 6 strands of thread twisted to make a single strand. This gives the design the required amount of filling.

There is a color chart inside the kit giving detailed coloring details of each part of the design. The key to diagram table provide the shade no of the thread color and the key so that the design can be easily matched.

The picture of the completed long stitch is the best item for reference in this kit. I think this gives everyone a pretty good picture of how the end product should look like in the design.

Anchor Stitch Kits are awesome for time pass and it will give a great sense of satisfaction once completed and framed. Imagine telling all your visitors that the framed art work on your wall is your own creation !

Or maybe you can gift one of the small ones as a gift to small girls. I am sure they will love it :)


  1. Had once bought one still remains incomplete :D

    1. Yea..I can very well understand..I bought this kit an year ago :)

      But this time, I just hope to complete it

  2. This brought back memories from school days! I was not great at arts and crafts, but doing embroidery on mesh like this was my favorite! I had made so many dining table mats, wall hangings, coasters, etc with this. :)

  3. Yes, it brought back memories for me too. We used to have inter-school embroidery competition at my place. I participated from Class 5 till 12 winning prizes every year. In fact, the first year I was eligible, in Class 5, I came first in my category. Every year they would give a design on a white handkerchief. We were given 1 hour to show our skills. The design will get more complicated with every year. Sigh! those were the days :-)
    Haven't done any embroidery for more than 10 years easily.


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