I was thinking about writing a few lines today and just chose a random picture for this post. It turned out to be a very meaningful one indeed.

As such I don't have any updates other than...

Sewing machine has not been lucky enough to create anything from scratch till now.I did make a dress for my girl from one of my old T-shirts, but that dress has totally vanished from her cupboard.

Anchor Stitch Kit which I started few months back has got a place in my cupboard unfinished :(

Work is hectic just because of very bad managerial skills across the organization. How can any software developer doomed to spend more time making releases than coding be ever be happy?

Concentrated on my book blog for some time and I wrote 31 posts as a part of a blogging challenge in July 2013. It was an awesome experience, but too difficult with a full time job and an infant around.

Awaiting the arrival of lots of babies this year and thankfully none of them are mine. The count is at 6 right now. It is time to think of making some gifts for them considering that the first one will arrive in Oct.

Dreaming of the day when I have to travel less than 5 kms to office. It will be atleast 12 kms when we move into our new office, which is much better compared to 25 km for one direction.

Baby got two new dresses along with my two nieces when they became flower girls for two marriages. It is true that she is no longer a baby, but it was funny when I had to pick her up(holding the flower girl bouquet) and climb up the steps to the church entrance.


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