Mia - Tanishq Ad for Workwear Jewellery

Somewhere Somehow I stumbled upon the new Mia ad from Tanishq featuring Nithya Menon. Do click the above video and watch the ad. It is quite beautiful. I was even more surprised when I came to know that Tanishq had organized a blogging contest too to go with the Mia designs.
Tanishq invites you, bloggers, to write about one such woman who makes her work beautiful. For whom, it's a lot more important to love what she does, therefore taking work is worship to this worship is fun! Who zings up her presentations with her imagination and colours.This woman could be you. Or she could be from your office, your home or your class-room.
There was an interesting post in firstpost.com by Lakshmi Chaudhry about the feminist angle in the ad. Read the article here.Though I won't agree completely with the article, Lakshmi had indeed come up with a few valid points in her articles.Nisha Susan of The Ladies Finger loved this ad and has come up with a different point of view. Read her thoughts here.

Anyway let others worry about if this ad was feminist or anti-feminist...I just wanted to know why did someone screw up the hair of Nithya Menon and made it look like a curly lump. But didn't someone overdo the styling when they decided that only a short hair style will go with that ear rings? Personally I hated that hair style.

How about the boss woman? What was the need to make her wear that dull and crumpled saree? I believe even school teachers dress better than that in real life.

After writing this out, I am seriously wondering why I wrote this...May be it was because of those two articles by Lakshmi and Nisha. May be I just hated Nithya's stupid hair style.


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