Going back to the Basics

Your thoughts and your feelings create your life. It will always be that way. Guaranteed.
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Sometimes I wish I could go back or rather change myself back to what I were few years back. It is not that I am not happy right  now...I think I cannot ask much more when I have a loving husband and an adorable daughter along with an awesome family...But there is something missing...I am missing my old self...

I was less judgmental, less opinionated and of course more loving and compassionate towards others few years back. But now, I am often surprised at my behavior, my need to assert my opinions in front of others, my need to constantly prove myself, my judgmental nature which seems to find more faults than good things around me...I miss those days when I was more sure about God's providence...about His protection...about His Love...

What changed over the years?

Probably it is time to go back to the basics!!!


  1. Why do you assume that you'll always remain the same? God created you, that's alright. But did He ever say you'll never change? Its a cliche, but u've heard about change being the only constant, ain't it? We all change, people around us change. If someone's not changing then there's something seriously wrong with them, especially moving from being single to married and to a parent. Its an evolution in itself. You find happiness in the change rather than what you were in the past. Live in 'today' and look forward for 'tomorrow'. You've lived your life in the past and thank God that it was a good one. Now, thank the same God for the 'today' He has provided you and pray that tomorrow be even better in His service. You're created for a purpose for which you need future and not the past, though you could use experiences from the past. Have a happy life my good old friend! :) I'm happy that I'd a good friend in you in the past and continue with our friendship in whichever way we could today within our constraints and God willing in future too. Bottom line: Be Happy about today and look forward for tomorrow! :)

  2. What a relatable post! I miss the old me sometimes too, not because I'm not happy but just because things were simpler and life was easy, I was more open to ideas, to people and to things in general than I am now. Let's hope we can bring back some of the old goodness somehow, mix it up with the new goodness and be awesome. Good thought, no?
    Loved your blog!


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