Hey !!!

Life has changed so much in the past few months...I changed my job to a more flexible one; hardly spend time traveling to office; my little girl turned 2 and the biggest one being that my second one is due in July.

I am amazed at how I expected things to be and how they have actually turned out to be...

I wanted to cut down my office commute time and being independent by walking or catching an auto and look what has happened. I am totally dependent on either my brother or husband to drop and pick me from office as I cannot walk the entire 2.5 kms home because of my pregnancy.

I wanted to work with a good team of people doing hard core development...I enjoy my work immensely and am extremely happy with the kind of experience I have gained in the past few months..Alas! the team seems to have too many hot tempered discussions on even simple matters.

But then life is all about the unexpected and I am enjoying them. Reading physical copies of books have come down drastically, but I do manage to read quite a few on  my kindle app on my Lenova P780.

My girl has grown up to be a cute 2 year old with a mind of her own. I have a  hard time convincing her to wear a pyjama or t-shirt unless she is inclined to do so...She talks a lot of gibberish these days and have started doodling with a pen or a paper...and it is so funny to listen to her singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". She is going to a daycare these days since my maid is away for some time. Guess I have to continue the daycare for a few hours even after the maid comes back...


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