The Hole in the Wall Cafe Bangalore

 Today we went to the 'The Hole in the Wall' Cafe in Koramangala  for a brunch. We used to visit this place few years back when it was actually a 'hole in the wall', a small English breakfast place hidden in the midst of Bangalore.

Today it has grown quite a lot in size and occupies a whole house in one of the main streets in Koramangala. And the number of people waiting for  a table at around 12 noon was ever growing. 

 I should say that I loved the older version of the place which was just known to hard core foodies. Even then we had to wait for 10-15 minutes for a table and it used to feel like eating in someone's kitchen. When it moved to a larger place, it has lost that homely touch, but the food is still great.

The people there always had this wonderful idea of displaying small notes written on paper or tissue paper. Here you can see the display board with lots of messages.

Be sure to visit this place when you are around Koramangala. Be aware that they are closed for some time in the afternoon. ( I think it is 3-5pm).

We had 'The Hangover Remedy', 'Sunday morning Non-veg' and few other items. Sorry, we were too hungry to bother too much about what we are ordering :)

I would like to go back there often, but owing to the distance and the waiting time, I will go only once in a while :)


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