New Craze - Quilting

Ever since I decided to buy a sewing machine, I have been researching on new things to make though I have only made one single frock for my girl in all this while. She loved that dress which I made by repurposing my old kurta. Will post a pic of that frock one day.

Now I have developed some interest in quilting. Somehow I find that art to be very enticing though very time consuming. I should confess that I don't have the patience to hand quilt, but will definitely l try to use my sewing machine to its maximum potential.

I have already ordered cutting mat, acrylic ruler, rotary cutter etc from for starting my adventure in quilting. Meanwhile I need to get hold of some cotton batting too for which I am waiting on 'The Square Inch' in Chennai.

I have left my sewing machine in my parents' place when I went home for my brother's wedding. And will be going home in another 2-3 weeks for my maternity leave. And if the monsoon allows, I will be making a baby quilt before the baby arrives. So much for planning, but never know if any of this will work out.

When I am waiting for my leave to start, let me continue my research. I hope all my financial investments in the quilting resources will not be wasted in the years to come...

I read quite a few blogs related to sewing and quilting and got an ARC of the this book by Jane Brocket. This has quite a few tips and patterns related to quilting though I feel it is more suitable for advanced quilters.


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