Waiting for the Stork To Come...

I am in my 37th week and is both anxious and curious to meet my little bugger. Well, I don't know if it is a naughty baby boy or a naughty little girl, but somehow everyone including me has assumed it to be a mischievous boy.

Most of my anxiety is regarding how I will manage my almost 2.5 year old daughter along with this new guy. Clara is still too young to understand why I will not be able to pick her up or play with her for few days. Yea, I can hear a lot of comments about having some more space between kids...Believe me, from what I have heard - each year of difference has its own set of challenges...sometimes it is emotionally, sometimes it is logistical...

I started my ML from last monday and I did face some last minute challenges regarding how many leaves ( unpaid) that I can avail after the govt mandated 12 weeks of paid leaves are over. Anyway I hope things at office are sorted out and I can have some peace with my newborn.

I had all plans to start using my walking foot, but then when I reached my parents' place I realized that there is a lot of stitching pending that needs to be completed urgently before I can start quilting. I have stitched bundles of white napkins and a big bundle of nappies are waiting to be stitched...and all of them needs to be washed, dried and ironed before the baby comes.


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