New Arrival

So this tiny guy came on 13th July early morning. I had gone for a checkup on 12th and the doctor had told me that there is some progress in things, but then I did not expect things to move so fast. I had some back pain ever since I stepped out of hospital at lunch time, so did not think too much when it persisted. Thankfully I was able to go and grab few essential items needed for the hospital. By evening, I was not feeling alright and at night by the time I was getting ready  to go to hospital, my water broke :)

Everything went fast and then this teeny weeny thing was placed on my tummy :) and I appreciate the job of nurses ten times more...I am sure I may not be able to do what they do everyday even if someone tells me that they will pay me double. It is a job which requires so much commitment, patience and dedication. Salute to all nurses out there !!!


  1. Hi Elizabeth
    Congratulations ! After so long, it is good news from you. Your life is going to be different and your whole world is going to shrink to her. Enjoy the blessing of motherhood.


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