What Am I Upto These Days

Ok. I am keeping myself busy with lots of stitching work done in the past 2-3 weeks for the little one. I have really used my Singer Talent machine to a good use by saving a lot of hazzle of getting a lot of baby clothes and nappies stitched by someone else.

I know I have the option of buying ready-made clothes, but has never found that satisfactory especially for newborns. 

The above pic is a zippered pouch that I made last week. I just loved that fabric and I used the blue fabric in the background for the lining and added some cotton batting too. The only problem was the cotton batting was too thick that I could not actually finish the last step of the pouch making because the layers were too thick for my needle to handle !!! still good.

I will be making one more with the same fabric soon and make it a rectangular pouch after replacing the batting with something else thinner !!!

I used this tutorial by Crafy Gemini for making this pouch and stopped one step before the last one.
Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

I experimented with some diaper cover making and this is what I came out with. The only problem is that my daughter found the elastic to be a little tight, so she did not like it much. I need to repair it soon.


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