Chit Chat

 Some random conversations between me and TH over the phone in the last few months. I have a bad network coverage at my parents' place and he will be talking using Bluetooth speakers in the car..Deadly combo !!! This means that half of our conversations is intelligent guess work on both sides based on the sync we have achieved over the years :)

What do we talk about ? It is easy. There are only few things - job,money and our daughter. These days Junior also gets some time :). By money I mean the long list of expenditures each month like home loan, car loan etc.

*****Con 1******

On a random week day afternoon

TH: Hello, How are you?
Me: What happened?
TH: Why are you asking me that?
Me: Because it is rare that you ask me 'How are you'?
TH:( Laughing out loud.) Ha ha. I can not blame you for that question.

**********Con 2**************

On a particular night when TH is planning to drive down to my place starting early morning:

Me: Please message me when u start early morning?
TH: I will not do such thing.
Me: Why? (slightly irritated)
TH: Ok, I will do one thing. I will install an app which lets you track me to see where I am.
Me: Good idea ! When are you installing it?
TH: First you have to make an app like that.( could hear his winning laugh because he thought he won)
Me: Don't worry. Google latitude will do that for you. Please install it.

TH shuts up because he had enough of this conversation


This could be the most pointless blog post I have written in the recent times...but then what the heck !


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