Raising Two Kids

I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what title to give to this post when I am just going to type out few random sentences. Then I decided that it is too late at night to brainstorm about a post title which is going to be read by very few.

If being a mother is tough, try it second time or more. You will agree that the first time was actually way easier because you just had to think and take care of one child. It is just that first time moms are worried about a lot of things which ruins their piece of mind.

I have a toddler daughter and a 3 month old son and trust me it is way too hard for your brains. My daughter is going through a phase where she thinks that the best way to grab my attention is to do exactly opposite to what people tell her. If I ask her not to hold the baby's legs, rest assured she is going to tighten her grip. If anyone tell her not to take something which may be harmful to her, trust her to pick it up and so on...

I have this frequent urge to beat my daughter when she misbehaves, but then I calm myself and try to make myself realize what is happening. If I scold her she will start crying at a high volume which will disturb the younger one. And then it takes quite a lot of trouble to coax her out of her hurt mood. After all she is just a child!!!

I know all this will change soon, but for the time being I need to keep her from showing too much love to her brother.

But then it is so cute when my daughter asks me to pick him up wen he is crying or she even sings songs to calm him down.

My son has been quite sweet so far inspite of the troubles he has with his digestive system. It took me few days to stop making myself rely on the statement 'most kids have vomiting these days'. Thank God I did that because his pediatrician think he may have GERD (gasteroesphagal reflux disease). So I spent 10 minutes each pounding him on his back after each feed. I hope my son will not take revenge for all this thrashing later in life :P and my daughter gets invariably jealous because her brother is taking too much of my attention and this triggers hopeless crying from her. Having two kids crying simultaneously is enough to make you go crazy. Trust me.

In the midst of all this tantrums, vomiting, inco solable crying when my resolve not to have one more kid was strengthening, my husband literally shocks me by saying that we should plan and have another kid after around 10 yrs. I cannot describe how much shocked I was, but then I just reminded him that I will be too old after 10 yrs.

In Short I am having a busy time in my life, and trust me I am already having jitters thinking about leaving my son with my maid when I join office back. But then deep inside I know that everything will be alright.

NB: written on mobile


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