Vomiting and Acid Reflux in Newborns

My son was born with a slightly undeveloped digestive system that doctor had to admit him back after a week because of diarrhea. Since he was feeding well, we managed it by giving him few pro-biotic oral suspension.

When things was getting better, Junior started regurgitating some of the milk. Initially I did not give much importance to it and just trusted on "all kids vomit these days". When days passed and I felt like something is not right, I took him back to his pediatrician. The doc gave me two medicines - Domstal and Junior Lansol and asked me to come back for an ultra sound if I don't see considerable improvement in 3 days.

I should say that I spend the 2-3 days under heavy tension when I was scared that my son had pyloric stenosis which causes a narrowing of the opening from the stomach to the intestine. The cure is an urgent surgery. Now you can understand why I was so tensed. Seeing my tiny guy struggle when he regurgitate the milk is tough, thinking of him having to undergo a surgery was beyond me at that point. All this happened just two days before his baptism.

Then things started improving. Lansol seemed to work and we had an almost pukeless baptism day.
When I took him for his next vaccination the pediatrician did ask me to continue giving Lansol. My family was against giving an acidity medicine to this tiny guy because of the probable side effects. I just stopped Lansol without even googling for possible side effects.

I wanted to try some homeopathic medicines and consulted a famous homeopathic. When I told him that my son probably has what is called Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), he actually mocked me saying that there is nothing like that and it is just a term used by allopathic doctors to describe a symptom. Guess I lost faith in the doctor then and there. He then went ahead and told me that the vomiting is due to something that I ate which got passed on to my son and he is finding it tough to digest. I took the medicine he prescribed, but then I had lost the will to clarify anything with him. Someone who starts with such negative comment can win my faith.

I did give those medicines that he prescribed for the few days since I thought it may not serve his condition, but may help his overall digestion.

Once I reached back Bangalore, my husband realized the amount this tiny guy is spitting out. He put his foot down and said that it is time to chuck all the medicines and consult another pediatrician. So we ended up in front of Sanjay Rao at Indiranagar. Sanjay Rao took off most of the tension in our minds and said that he has acid reflux and there is nothing to worry. Since he is gaining weight and his stomach felt fine,  he said our son is perfectly fine. He suggested burping him between feeds and waiting for the day he will be 9 months when he would have grown out of this condition.

Today my son is almost 5 months and has picked up good weight. He was 6.25 kgs last week and his birth weight was just 2.50 kgs. We just get through each day by changing his and our clothes, putting on clothes on our shoulders, making him wear baprons aka baby aprons...I am not a fan of this constant change of clothes, but then it will go away one day and my baby will be a big boy soon.


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