Unpublished Posts

 When I am traveling or working I get this sudden urge to open this blog and write something about what is going through my mind. Then the thought dies down by itself when I remember that the situation is not suitable. I will make a mental note to write once I reach home.

When I reach home after work, I will be totally exhausted and the thought of writing even a single line makes me feel even more tired. So I go ahead and deletes that expired mental note and there goes another blog post down the drain without even a single word being written.

I think most bloggers can relate to this very much and this is the era of twitter. We have learned to be concise and write down our thoughts in 140 character long tweets or lesser.Gone are the days when people wrote thousands of words to get a point across.

OK. Something about this pointless post. I am writing this one on my mobile. Typing on mobile is not something I like much, but in the interest of writing this post about unpublished posts I am typing it on mobile.

PS: This post also remained as an unpublished one in my draft and I just decided that I will publish it as it :)


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