When you feel like sewing

When you feel like sewing something using your sewing machine and your infant son starts crying hearing the sound...

I remember planning a lot of sewing before I actually got my sewing machine. Once I got it, I excitedly sewed a few things and then my sewing machine was neglected very badly. My sewing projects also declined when I got pregnant with my son. Things were in full swing just before his arrival when I worked hard to sew up cloth nappies for him. I did a lot of sewing that time and completed all of them well before his arrival.

Now..when I actually want to sew something for my daughter or son, he starts crying in a high pitch volume that I end up abandoning my projects and plans. I don't know when things will improve. Since I don't currently have the luxury of a dedicated space/room for my sewing, I will have to keep my patience for some more months. May be he will soon grow out of his fear or I will move to my new apartment when I can close the door and do my sewing.


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