Relearning cycling

I did learn cycling when I was in school on my cousin's old cycle. Then I got busy with school and subsequently with my engineering course. The completion of the course also marked my move to Bangalore and I joined the company who offered me a job during my course. That was 10 years ago.

Marriage and kids followed and the combination of family life and a full time work keep me busy these days.

Lot of things have changed over the years as expected - I expect much more from my job in terms of salary, growth opportunities and appreciation. Also kids are the center of my life. I try to work out my job around my kids with a lot of support from my husband.

Another thing that changed would be the ways of relaxation. Five years back relaxing was roaming aimlessly in the nearest mall, reading a good book or watching a good movie. I don't think I appreciated food as much as I do today.

A good long walk, a run around the nearest lake and reading a good book are my preferred relaxation methods these days. I prefer these because I am more aware of my body and the need for regular exercise. And the good that a good amount of fresh air ( as fresh as you can get in a overcrowded city) does to your body. I can feel that these days.

Into this picture this used cycle has come in. I had ridden on my brother's cycle recently. But I am yet to ride this one because I realized it had a punctured tyre. The husband got it repaired over the weekend, but the tyre is back to its old stage over the week.

I am determined to use this one. I promised to use this secondhand cycle when I made my husband drive a long way to pick this up. I have to keep that promise. I also want to go for cycle rides with my kids, at least with my daughter for the time being. This could be best way to inculcate the habit of exercise in my kids and also experience something so close to the nature :)


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