Today I had a frustrating day and I was on the verge of the doing something drastic to overcome my frustration. Oh no, nothing serious as such. I wanted to annoy my husband my splurging on some kurtas/tops on myntra. Or else buy myself a new domain for this blog. I like Wordpress more and eventually will like to move there, but Adsense cannot be used on a free Wordpress blog. That is the only reason that is holding me back here on this grossly neglected tool called Blogger.

Anyway neither of my plans worked out and I have decided to hold back my hard earned money for the day. So the end result is this post where I talk about it for everyone to read.

Work wise - I love the work as such and now the product or the small piece of it is like my child. I want it to be kept good. I had some difference of opinion with a newer coworker who is also more experienced in the industry. So we are expected to work closely together and the difference of opinion or work methods is frustrating me out. I believe I have a valid point in insisting that everyone follows the processes defined, but the team mate seems to have a different opinion. The end result was a immature interaction over IM. Anyway I have left it there and have decided that I will think through a bit more before I react to this kind of immaturity.

The sonny boy is still up though it is almost midnight. So I don't have much time to go further. Hope to come back some other day and write more about all these things happening in my life.

Till then...


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