Egg Fried Rice and Lemon Chicken

Last day I happened to make some egg fried rice and  lemon chicken to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday. My son is too young to appreciate anything special made by mom, but my daughter did enjoy a bit of it. Being such a picky eater, I am usually happy if she tastes and tells it is super.

Here is another picture of the same dish.

 egg fried rice with lemon chicken

I have followed Aarthi's  recipe for egg fried rice and lemon chicken recipe almost word by word except that I used a dark soy sauce for the rice giving it a dark shade. So I will not be writing any recipe for these dishes.

I hope this blog doesn't end up being a cooking blog ;) I will be posting pictures of what I made, but I will just link the original recipe unless I have made some major changes in the recipe.


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