The third

I had a hectic life at work and was busy with morning Zumba session and boom! I realized I am pregnant with my third child.

We had a third child in our mind - either biological or adopted, but we were yet to conclude about it. The fact that I have been diligently using an app to track my monthly cycle, yet I ended up being pregnant was slightly disappointing initially.

Then society- This was a time when we realized that how much did we care about what others thought about us.We knew we are going to raise a lot of eyebrows when we announce the news to others. Somehow Indian society has decided that 2 is the ideal number for kids especially when you already had a boy and a girl.

We had our days of agony to think about the possible implications like quitting my job temporarily, living with a single salary and a huge homeloan EMI etc. Anyways those days are over. I may be able to keep this job after all which might make things a bit more smoother financially.

We have told most of the people that needs to be told including family and friends. Their reactions were varied. Some were outright hurtful especially when it came from a friend who is adamant that she doesn't want a second child. Most people were awed by my courage and were supportive. I also met mothers who have 2 of the same gender and would love to have another of opposite gender. Also families who are childless and longing for one.

The girl was happy with the news. I told her after the first trimester was over and said she is OK with either gender, though a slight preference to a girl is there.

Today I feel a bit mischievous about the whole thing - doing something that many will disapprove or make fun especially by the current generation who thinks one child is more than enough to take care of. I come from a family of 5 children and they have been my source of strength forever and we are quite closely knit too. Festivals and gatherings in my family are a noisy affair whereas the gatherings at my husband's brother's place are relatively boring.

So yes...I look forward to another few years of sleepless nights and vaccination nights and then all the years of fights until I can kick all of them out of home. Oh yes, God save me when they hit teenage.


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