Failures are stepping stones to success

Yesterday I was trying to make the Chocolate Swiss roll based on Aarthi's recipe and you can see the end result in the picture. It was my son's 3rd birthday and I wanted to make something special on the ocassion.

 I didn't have a blender which is suitable for whisking the egg whites and tried to do the same with a Philips hand blender. The result was failure and finally I called up my neighbor and borrowed hers. This was my first time with a blender like that and I just realized that I have to buy one of that kind if I need to do more baking. That blender does a good job with least effort. I am impressed!

 I was supposed to bake the roll for just 6 mins, but I baked it a bit more which resulted in cracked cake during  the rolling even though it was hot. I could see a bit of dark brown spots at the bottom too. Nevertheless I was pretty happy.

Then I went ahead and tried making the Double Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. With my friend's blender, the frosting was made in around 5-10 mins even when I had two toddlers who wanted to put their hands inside the bowl.

 The kids had a lot of fun licking the frosting that they didn't had much lunch after it. I was just happy that I had done my baking before they reached back from school. I spread the frosting in the roll and tada the swiss roll was done.

Result: Tasty, but broken chocolate roll with delicious chocolate frosting.

This frosting is going to be on a lot of cakes and cupcakes till I have patience to learn a new recipe.

I have some of the frosting left and I am thinking of ways to use it - may be make another roll, or make some cupcakes...Yet to decide. 


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